Return policy


All partners buy products at the company.



Breakage, breakage, overflow, and tearing of packaging affect product quality
Technical errors, incorrect materials, wrong packing specifications, inactivity products, incorrect product structure, incorrect product information, ...
Quality error (mold, broken, expired, ...)
Products that seriously affect the health of customers, need to be recalled for quality control
The purchased product does not match the model or type ordered by the customer.
The product is in its original condition, unused, with its seal and mark intact, but due to dissatisfaction by the customer or the wrong consultation of the salesman.



Defective products by the company: Free return, 48 hours from receipt of goods
- The product is broken, torn, spilled, oozed, broken, has another taste, unusual color (musty, discolored)

- Out of date

Product can not work due to technical error: Free return, 48 hours from receipt

Products affecting the customer's health: Within 10 days, exchange or refund the customer (shipping cost is borne by the company)

- Allergy, irritation, and health effects of the body must be confirmed by a specialist to be confirmed by a specialist.
- The product received is not the same as the consultation.
The company will only pay for the ship when sending the courier (unless there is a specific request). After the time specified above, the company will not process the return.


Step 1: Customer informs customer service about the request and reasons for change / return through the following support channels.

Step 2: When the customer service confirms the payment agreement, the customer clearly states the error on the product and returns it to the place of purchase directly. The direct distributor will check to determine the error and return the goods to the customer. Then the defective goods will be transferred to the upper distributor (last level is the Distributor) The defective product is packed with the original packaging and the following documents:

Delivery note or value-added invoice (if any)
Packaging product paste outside.
Delivery time: from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on working days of the week.

Step 3: After receiving, checking and accepting the returned product, the Customer Service Department will proceed to exchange the product within 3-5 working days.


For partners sending shipper to pick up company. After the shipper signs the receipt of enough goods from the company, the company will not be responsible for any shortage of quantity.
Complaints related to product quality, after the customer service and the warranty department check if the error arises not from the company but due to poor maintenance by the customer, the company will not be responsible and No return of goods is allowed.
Electronic products have a time of exchange and specific warranty for each product.