Ngoc Trinh attends a company meeting run by Huong Giang

Appearing in the company's strategic meeting where Huong Giang is the CEO, Ngoc Trinh is implicitly demonstrating the role of a true business advisor.
The two beauties over the past time are quite busy with their work schedules when each has new "positions" in the business field. With the "combining" in the project this time, the image of the two often appearing together makes fans extremely excited.

If Huong Giang chooses a discreet red suit, Ngoc Trinh chooses a blue-toned dress that hugs her body, showing off the blue straps to increase her charm.

Different from previous appearances, instead of choosing a vest, perhaps the beauty of Tra Vinh's countryside wants to give up the field to the "main character", so she should choose comfortable clothes

It is known that Ngoc Trinh attended the meeting as a Deputy General Director of Sales Thingo Group cum Business Advisor Candy Love. Huong Giang held an urgent meeting with the Board of Directors of Thingo Group and partners to discuss plans and strategies in the coming time to develop and promote the Candy Love brand in the coming time. The meeting was attended by Mr. Dam Quang Hung - Permanent Vice Chairman cum General Director of Thingo Group.

In the role of Candy Love Business Advisor, Ngoc Trinh always tries to convey all the experiences of her predecessors to help Huong Giang develop this project in the most effective way.

Right after that, Ngoc Trinh had an early birthday party with her best friends in Ha Long.

The meeting took place with many plans to be deployed in the near future

According to sharing, the meeting lasted through noon from 9am to 4pm. That shows the scale of this project, promising to be a powerful "atomic bomb" in the near future.

In the role of CEO of Candy Love, Huong Giang is full of confidence and charisma to chair the meeting.

Although she has just been in the executive position for not too long, Huong Giang is very knowledgeable about each lipstick Candy Love and offers "plans" for branding that are highly appreciated by the Board of Directors.

Candy Love Vietnam is a brand that has been operated by Huong Giang for a short time, but it is showing positive signs when being in the heart of the sister's association with the first product, a matte lipstick that does not cause dry lips but is as smooth as velvet. Next time, she plans to open stores so that customers can trust directly to experience the product, as well as a place for partners who want to distribute products to contact directly.

It is known that, in addition to lipstick, Candy Love will have more other products to bring more values ​​and beauty to women and beauty followers at home and abroad