The secret to choosing the right lipstick for your skin helps you to shine with confidence

Lipstick is a powerful weapon to help women shine with confidence. However, in order for the face to become really attractive, women should know how to choose lipstick that is suitable for the skin.

How to choose lipstick suitable for white, bright skin

Having fair white skin is what all women wish for. With this skin color, women will be easier to beautify. Simply, women can choose lipstick according to their preferences because bright white skin is not fussy.

With light skin, earthy pink, peach orange will be very suitable for girls who love gentle, delicate, bright, smooth skin while increasing sweetness and femininity.

If you love the hot style of blonde western girls, don't miss the brown. This will definitely be an option to help increase the charm.

How to choose lipstick for yellow skin

This skin color is not too picky, but not as bright as white girls, so just avoid too bright colors and apply the principle of choosing a lipstick color according to the "cold to cold - warm with warm" skin tone. There is a lip color for me.

Especially, there is a small note for women with yellow skin that should avoid bright lipstick colors. For example, bright red lipstick, red orange or deep red, ... Because those are dark lip colors. If women follow the trend and choose lipstick, it is easy to fall into a disaster when wearing makeup.

How to choose the right lipstick for the honey skin

Owning honey skin will allow women to choose their own unique makeup styles. Especially depending on each lipstick color, the beauty of women will change. So it is important for women with honey skin to choose a stylish lipstick.

The perfect harmony between skin tone and lip color is like multiplication to help women become even more beautiful.

For example, when women like sexy and seductive beauty, then a coral-red or brick-orange lipstick is my favorite. This will give off a strange charm.

Conversely, if women want to transform themselves into a young girl with radiant beauty, they can choose bright tones. For example, the tone of lipstick is milky orange.

How to choose lipstick suitable for dark skin, brown skin

This is also one of the very picky skin colors. However, women just need to remember that the color that is dark for their skin is the tone of pink lipstick. So when choosing a lipstick, avoid making that mistake.

Girls might consider this "western standard" brown as an option to change every day

For other lip color tones, dark skin has a unique suit. In other words, depending on each lipstick color used, the beauty appearance of women also changes.

It can be seen that choosing the right lipstick color becomes a big challenge for women. Instead of having to find fresh colors among many popular lipstick brands, sometimes there is a fear of poor quality products. Many young people over the past time have found a set of super smooth, super durable lipsticks that are imported entirely from Korea, which is Candy Love Cream Son.

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Above are some suggestions on how to choose a lipstick color that suits your skin. Besides, sisters also do not forget to choose genuine lipsticks with clear origin and color up the lipstick as you like, so that lipstick is the "ultimate weapon" of women!